Solar energy

The future use of solar energy

The utilization of solar energy is still evolving. Today, you can find huge solar cell systems in several places in both Denmark and abroad, where panels absorb the sun’s rays and convert it into usable electricity.

Solar cells produce electricity

In 2015 the Danish solar power plant systems produced energy equivalent to 1.8 percent of the total Danish energy consumption and 2.2 of the total Danish electricity production. 

A solar collector can capture the energy so you can use it to get hot water for your bath, your dishes or general heating of your home. Solar panels can also be used to produce district heating, which is a sustainable way to heat your home.

It is also possible to use solar energy for solar power, where the sun’s energy is transformed into electricity. The process from solar rays to electricity must include solar cells that can capture the sun’s light rays.

electricity all year round

A solar cells can produce electricity all year round, even if the winter is quite dark here in the north.

Better energy label on your home

Solar cells have a long life and they do not require any special maintenance.

Save money

Savings on your electricity bill

Solar energy helps us save money on electricity bills.

Good investment

Solar panels are a long lasting solution

In total, solar cells can save you money on the account, but also save the bad conscience. The plant is a sustainable solution that can supply solar energy far into the future.

If otherwise unforeseen things happen, then your photovoltaic system will be able to produce electricity in the natural way for over 30 years.

Your system will not require much maintenance. A damp cloth will be a good idea every year and in addition can keep an eye on the construction. If you have many trees close to the plant, it may be a good idea to remove branches that shade from the sun.

solar energy

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If you have decided that renewable energy from the sun is the right solution for you, you can obtain a quote from Solenergi Danmark. We have more than 15 years of experience in disseminating solar energy solutions and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Benefits of solar energy

The future looks green

There are many benefits to choosing a photovoltaic system over a more traditional way of extracting energy. There is both money and a bad conscience to save if you get a system set up.


Solar cells are a sustainable solution


You save money on your electricity bill


Simple installation


Plant can last without the major maintenance for 30 years

future solar energy