Solar system

Are you curious about how much money you would want to save on investing in solar cells? We get it, it is an important factor in the considerations regarding the choice of photovoltaic system and the size of the photovoltaic system.

The calculation of your future profits from investing in a photovoltaic plant depends on the rules for settling surplus production and the current deduction rules. Your future profits will also depend on how much you have to pay for your photovoltaic system, how much electricity you expect to produce and how much of the electricity you expect to utilize in your household or business, housing association etc.

Do you have any doubts about how many solar modules you need to have in your system, how much power you will be able to use during the day or other regarding the financial aspect of solar cells?

Then you are more than welcome to contact us and hear more. At Solenergi Danmark, we are experts in photovoltaic systems and have more than 10 years of experience as specialists in renewable energy from photovoltaic plants and wind turbines. Let us assess your need for photovoltaic systems and the economic aspect of how quickly the system can make it home, together. We know the legislation in the field of solar cells and can quickly guide you to the most profitable decision.

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Take advantage of your solar cell during the day

Previously, it was a good business to choose a larger photovoltaic system and produce surplus electricity that the owner of the photovoltaic system could sell at a good price per kilowatt hour. In November 2012, however, new rules came, and now the price you get for your surplus power is falling. Therefore, it is a particularly good idea to set up photovoltaic systems at companies and day care centers, where electricity is needed in the light of day.

However, it is still a pretty fine deal for private customers to set up photovoltaic systems. Even with a smaller photovoltaic plant with a production of 1,500 kilowatt hours, you will be able to save up to DKK 80,000 on your electricity bill over a 30-year period. The more you can use the solar energy for your own consumption, the more you can save on your electricity bill.

If you need a photovoltaic system for your private home, it may be worth your while to plan your daytime electricity consumption For example, if you need a new washing machine, it will be optimal for you to choose a model with timer function. It allows you to let the washing machine use electricity during the daytime hours, where your solar cell generates the most electricity while you may be at work or other out of the house and otherwise unable to make use of the amount of electricity in the home. The same goes for all electrical appliances, of course – choose the ones that can run even in the daytime and utilize your own climate-friendly solar energy. It will quickly boost profits by investing in solar cells.


What does a solar cell contain?

A solar power system from Solenergi Danmark contains the number of panels you need to cover your electricity consumption, a mounting system, plug connections and an inverter. The inverter converts the electricity from your photovoltaic system from direct current to alternating current. You can then use the alternating current for your own consumption, while the excess electricity is directed directly to the public utility network.


Buy solar cell installation by experienced distributors

At Solenergi Danmark you are assured of high quality, competitive prices and fast delivery and assembly. We aim to provide you with the fastest delivery on the market

We started business in 2003 and with employees who have been involved from the start, we have a great deal of experience in helping companies, individuals, investors and public administrations get started with setting up top quality solar cells or investing in wind turbines for private use or for major investments.


Solar system on terrace or carport

With solar cells from Solar Denmark you get climate-friendly renewable energy that looks good at the bottom line and does not necessarily detract from the appearance of the roof. We are working on the fact that photovoltaic systems can be an aesthetic solution that utilizes the sun’s energy functionally without paying full attention to the architecture of the building. For example, choose to have solar panels installed on the entire surface of your carport or on your covered terrace, as an alternative to the classic rooftop solar system


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