About us

About us – Sustainable energy projects since 2003

Solenergi Danmark is the epitome of quality and we have been shaping the future of energy supply along with our customers and partners since 2003. We are a global provider of energy solutions and with our dedicated staff and experience we deliver successful projects across the world. 

Our core expertise is on-grid and off-grid PV solar systems and we offer a wide variety of installation options ranging from small private roof top installations to large solar parks of hundreds of MW.

We also install small and large battery storage to backup both our on-grid and off-grid systems. Additionally, we supply wind turbines, heat pumps, solar thermal projects and much more and provide these as single systems or along with our solar systems.

Consultancy service

With our wide expertise in renewable energy we also provide consultancy service from our energy experts and engineers. This service is specified for insurance companies, municipalities and governments. This is primarily used for public solar and wind projects for municipalities and governments, but is also for other areas of energy like largeschale heat-pump and thermal solar projects. Insurance companies use our consultancy service for the complicated tasks where they do not have the inhouse knowledge.

Our vision

We are focused on consistently, sustainably and successfully delivering energy solutions to fight pollution and climate change and create a clean fossil-free society and future for our children and grandchildren.

Our mission

  • We offer our customers independent and intelligent high-quality complete energy solutions.
  • We never compromise on quality, as that would compromise our customers’ investments.
  • We focus our activities on being market leader in quality, innovation and expertise.
  • We provide our customers an extensive portfolio and future-orientated tools and know-how.
  • We have enthusiastic and dedicated employees, to whom we offer an attractive work environment.

Our values

  • Respect and responsibility for our planet and all life on it.
  • Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.
  • Treating people with sincerity and integrity in the process.
  • Being reliable and consistent is our promise.
  • Making extraordinary efforts to be the best in the field of energy.

 Corporate Responsibility

Solar and wind is today the cheapest form of energy and with this we can change the world. Currently only 2-3% of the global energy production comes from those two technologies. The majority of the energy comes from burning coal, oil and other fossil fuels which we need to replace with green alternatives.

Changing our world into green energy, is not something we can leave to our children or grandchildren to pick up. We are already far behind and if do not act now, the world will be uninhabitable for future generations.

In Solenergi we do our utmost for this renewable transition and encourage you to work with us and build a future with sustainable energy as our primary energy source.

Contact us today and let us together shape the future with a clean conscience of renewable energy.

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